Romance in the Air!

New Japonicas being featured in some
romance inspired & whimsical treasuries.
What a gorgeous collection we have here! :)
Three cheers for making to Etsy frontpage!

Wild & Whimsical...

I fall in love with these whimsical paintings almost immediately!
Decorate your walls with a handful of these little prints.
Oh yes, I would like the one with the tiny deer :)

Don't you just love this puffy and soft little chick!

Check out the collection of prints of the artist's original art work
from SharonMontrose

New items on the shelf...

A handful of new trinkets from my humble shop

Hope you like the new collection :)

Traveller. Price $58
Are you ready for an adventure?
Nostalgic, vintage and petite camera.

Alice in the Wonderland. Price $32
A story.
Indulge in your childhood fantasies.

La ou est mon moineau. Price $32
An empty cage.
Where has the sparrow gone?

Vous Etes Mon Destin. Price $35
You are my destiny.

Weekly picks - some of my favorites...

Look at these vintage treasuries I have discovered
from shabbyvintagemom

Indian Summer
I simply love dandelions!
How they glide through the wind, so playful & carefree!
by JKphotography

Tea for One?
Feels like enjoying a peaceful tea break with my birdie friend :)
Gorgeous giclee print of an original illustration
by yumiyumi